"My designer Dewey arrived and I am speechless; what you created is really wonderful and I just love him and when you see him you just have to play with him. The detail is great and so beautifully sewn.  His expression is perfect because he took himself very seriously; this adds to the fun that he this formally dressed, serious puppet. The Dewey classes finger puppets are stunning and the embroidery symbols so beautiful.  I don't think my students will ever have trouble remembering Melvil Dewey now!"  Deborah Alterman  -  Mt. Holly,NJ

"Mr. Dewey and the finger puppets are wonderful!  They will bring some much needed excitement to my Dewey lessons.  I have no doubt that my students will look forward to "Mr. Dewey" himself helping them learn his famous system.  Thanks so much!" -  Linda

"What a wonderful way to bring the Dewey Decimal System to kids!  The kids in my school knew that there was a mystery guest coming.  Imagine their surprise when the creator of the decimal system showed up!  After I discuss him, I hand out the large category finger puppets and let the kids explore the classes on the shelves.  Thank you, Mimi, for making library so much fun!"   Stacy Contreras - Oakland, NJ

"Thank you so much for allowing me to check out Mr. Dewey!  I must say…he looks even better in person!  The attention to detail makes him truly come to life and will allow me to teach my students about Mr. Dewey as a person instead of as a puppet.  The size of each separate category piece could not be better, either! I cannot wait to reinforce the power of the Dewey Decimal System using these fabulous literacy props!"  Jennifer Bitzkie  -  Boerne, TX

"Mr. Dewey has arrived!  I expect to see lots more excitement about learning the Dewey Decimal System now that I have this wonderful puppet set.  It was certainly worth waiting for!"  Linda Vaughan  -  Nashua, NH

"Melvil has arrived and he is wonderful; he was worth waiting for.  I can't wait to show him to the kids.  Many thanks!" 
Sharon Flannery

"I am now the proud owner of your Melvil puppet.  It is magnificent…thank you so much!  I am very happy with the detailed designer Dewey.  My students have a new appreciation for who he was; this is especially helpful with my younger grades.  They associate a fun puppet with learning about the non-fiction section." Joan Branch - Sewickly, PA

"I got Melvil in the mail yesterday.  He was happy to be unwrapped and welcomed in our library.  He looks great!" Carol DeGusipe - Pittsburgh, PA

"Thank you, Mimi.  I got Mel today and I just love, love, love him.  The quality is exceptional and I just can't wait to incorporate him into my Dewey Decimal System lesson plans.  He was well worth the wait!!!  I can't say enough about your quality products!"  Andre Moreau - Kiln, MS

"I received my designer/deluxe Dewey about a week ago, just before going on spring break. He is all that you promised and more!. The details such as his pocket watch fob and his hair make him really special. I can't wait to use him with my students very soon now."  Carole Bierwiler - Miramar, FL

"I have neglected to tell you that I have received my fantastic order containing your designer Melvil Dewey puppet, snowman and accessories, and the speckled frog finger puppets.  Everyone I've showed the props and puppets to is impressed with the outstanding workmanship and the attention to detail.  Although they're intended for use with younger children, my 4th and 5th grade 'helpers' can't keep their hands off the props and puppets.  This is quite telling, as I work in a very challenging school where even the 3rd graders are usually just too cool for anything like this.  Thank you for your great work."  Diane Creel - Frederick, MD

"I am so happy that I ordered the Melville Dewey puppet.  He is going to add so much to my Dewey Decimal lessons this year.  I am sure that the children will be much more likely to participate and get involved in the Dewy lessons because of the Mr. Dewey puppet.  Again, I am so impressed with the craftsmanship of the puppet; even his hair is so soft and lifelike.  You can be sure that the next time we have some extra funds available we will be purchasing some more goodies from Mimi."  Amy Miele - Moorestown, NJ



"I just received the standard Dewey puppet and I love it.  The kids are really going to think he is great.  Thanks for everything."  Dio DuVall -Cosby, MO

"Mr. Dewey has arrived and he is so HANDSOME!!!  I will look at Judy Freeman's suggestions and introduce him to the girls at St. Mary's."  Mary Frances Moore - Memphis, TN

"My standard Mr. Dewey arrived safely to Southern Elementary and he is wonderful!  I can't wait to introduce him to my students.  He is beautifully done!"  Lynn Conrad - Glen Rock, PA

"We received Mr. Dewey today and he looks adorable!"  Kathryn Marceski - Bridgewater, NJ

"We got Melvil today and I love him!"  Kerstin Sisco - Knoxville, TN

 "Just to let you know that we received our adorable standard Dewey puppet; thanks so much!"  Laura Barnes

"Mr. Dewey arrived today and he is fabulous!  I think I love the categories even more…such amazing detail.  I can't wait to use him with the kids.  Thank you so much for such an original and high quality piece of art.  I love him already.  I just wanted you to know that I used Melvil Dewey with my 5th graders and  they got a real kick out of him.  I did a PowerPoint as an introduction  and then I pulled him out.  I had taped the categories under some of the chairs. I then described the category, that child would come up and he/she would choose someone to guess the correct general number.  If they got it right, it went in one pile for a point; if they got it wrong, Mr. Dewey got the point.  They really had fun and so did I.  He's a terrific teaching tool. Thanks for being so ingenius."  Kate Lallier - Massapequa Park, NY

"I started using Melvil today with some of my classes.  He is wonderful!!!  I finally was able to help kids make the connection that he was indeed a real human being who did something very important for all of us who use libraries.  My "sophisticated" 4th grade students were enchanted.  They couldn't wait to participate.  Thank you.  I love Melvil!!!"  Michele Kolodij

"Just received my puppet today!  It is so cute and well made.  I can hardly wait to put him to good use"  Dee Dee Gardner - Orem, UT

"I just wanted to let you know I received my standard Dewey puppet in the mail. He is just wonderful!! I am so excited.  I really think he will help the children understand the Dewey Decimal System even better. Thank you so much." Jane Perry - Clarksville, TN



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